Hi, I’m Bob Choat. My whole life has been about transformation. Going through it in different cycles. I am passionate about helping others to find their true path in life and bringing The School of Transformation Blog and Podcast to you is part of that journey for me.

I love to learn. As I interview each guest, I learn a bit more. Each of them will have what worked for them and what they learned along the way. As a lifelong student, this excites me.

Life is never a straight path, it’s a full of bumps, grinds and stumbles. We learn.

I know I’ve had mine. I still do.

By launching this blog and podcast, you’ll discover the transformations each guest went through, why they did it and how they did it. My suggestion to you is to take snippets and test them. I am all about testing to see what works and what doesn’t work for me, so should you.

My main website and more about me is bobchoat.com

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.” – Bruce Lee


In my own life, I had the privilege of studying the martial arts from many great teachers. My first one was my mom and my second one was my sensei in Okinawa. With each I learned what worked for me. I fell, got back up and kept moving forward.

I overcame being diagnosed as a moron (an actual diagnostic label at one time), severe stuttering, having my head slashed open from an accident, 3rd degree burns on my right thigh (from hot grease)… all during my childhood. I thought I was a freak at the time that I even contemplated suicide at age 8 1/2.

Sports was my saving grace. So was remembering what I learned from the martial arts. At age 9 started playing football and loved the action. It also took my mind away from the beliefs I had about myself. Being a half-Japanese kid, I was also the smallest on the team. I learned to adjust and develop grit.

While many of fellow teammates were scared to go out on the field and get hit, I always volunteered and wanted to be in the field of play. I hated the sidelines and still do. Either you go into the game and play it or sit out and simply be a spectator. Not me!

I love life! I love challenges! I love what I do!

Having the ability to find the right guests for you is part of my journey. What is this about? It’s about helping you in mind, body and heart. Why heart? Heart can mean having heart to do the hard things. To face fear. To overcome challenges. We need our minds and body as part of that process. Each guest I have on will help show you the way.

Again, their what, why and how….

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