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Ms. Elaine is a Classically trained violist/violinist who studied at the New England Conservatory in Boston, the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, and in the Critical Studies and Experimental Performance Practices Department at UCSD in La Jolla. Her academic degrees include the Performance Artist’s Diploma and the Master of Arts. Ms. Elaine’s musical mentors (which include former Principal Violist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra Burton Fine, Bert Turetzky, the late Karen Tuttle and Louis Kievman) all helped to encourage and lay the groundwork for her inspiration to teach and present concerts that engage the audience on multiple levels. Acknowledged in a review by the San Diego Union newspaper dance critic of her faculty concert collaboration with legendary choreographer Patricia Sandback at SDSU, Ms. Elaine is noted as “blurring the lines between dancer and musician…as she performs a Grand Jeté across the floor while flawlessly performing Bach on the viola.”

An active part of the commercial music session player world of Hollywood, Karen Elaine has played in post production and on-screen for hundreds of projects, including JURASSIC WORLD, CARS, RATATTOUILLE, UP, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE #4, DANCING WITH THE STARS, AMERICAN IDOL, THE VOICE, THE ACADEMY AWARDS OSCAR BAND, THE EMMY AWARDS SHOW BAND. Her exclusively instrumental performances and recordings have featured Ms. Elaine as soloist with the London Symphony Orchestra, the City of London Sinfonia, Orquesta Sinfónica da Paraíba Brazil, Melbourne Symphony, Tasmania Symphony, the Rogue Valley Symphony, California Philharmonic, the Southest Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra, the Palisades Symphony, and many other ensembles and University orchestras.

Favorite quotes:

“Do what you love & love what you do.” Karen Elaine’s Mom

“All actions are a display of love or call for love.” -Marianne Williamson

Key Points:

-Convert Violinist
-When Karen was in Jr. High, her mom encouraged her to seek her path through doing what you love.
-She learned to use movement and exercise to help gain clarity.

“All actions are a display of love or a call to love.” -Karen Elaine

-Her father was a retired Navy Veteran who engaged in polar bear swims during in active duty years. He taught her how to swim and surf. She developed a love of the water, especially cold water. Karen would later compete in swimming.
-Karen overcame the perception of what others thought she should do to engage in activities she loved. This went against the norm at the time that African Americans couldn’t be a swimmer or engage in classical music. Karen showed that she could perform at the highest levels.
-Later, she took up scuba diving and excelled at it, eventually earning her rescue diver certification.
-Karen set the example to others in classical music, including playing at Carnegie Hall. She has many IMDB credits as well.
-She resisted and taught others to resist as well to all the negative speak.
-Karen and her family had to make big changes due to their father leaving her mother and them. Her father gave no child support.

Favorite Books:

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
The Lotus Sutra, late lectures by Guatama Siddartha Buddha
Insomnia by Steven King



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