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Kim Somers Egelsee helps men and women find their passion and purpose, develop and design it, forget the fear and move forward with positive communication, action, confidence and success. She does this through coaching, speaking, mentoring and consulting. Kim is the #1 best selling author of “Getting Your Life to a Ten +”, co-author of 12 books, a multiple award winning inspirational TEDX speaker, life and business coach, hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, columnist and TV host. Kim has shared stages with greats; Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy, Chris Widener, Dennis Waitley, Laurel Langemeier, Niurka and more. Kim has been a co-host of the global variety talk show, “Samira’s Show, which airs to over 150 million people in Asia, Europe, Canada, United States, and Iran, she has had her own “Getting Your Life to a Ten +” web series with the Hallmark channel’s Spirit Clips speaker series. Kim hosts and leads regular events and workshops, is a keynote speaker, leads business success mastermind groups, and has a Ten+ life coaching certification program. Kim works closely with Kyle Wilson, (founder of Jim Rohn International, Jim’s 18 year partner, and who has worked with Jack Canfield, Og Mandino, Zig Zigler and more) with Lessons From Network as a contributor, event host and speaker, and has a course called “Ten Weeks to Confidence” For more information about Kim, go to

Favorite Quote:

“Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you can make a living, but if you work hard on yourself you’ll make a fortune.” -Jim Rohn

Key Points:

-At age 19-22 years old, Kim was in a semi-abusive relationship.

-She met her current husband later and has been with him for 22 years.

-When Kim was 27, her grandmother passed away. This led her on a downward spiral where ran around with the wrong people and smoked weed.

-Soon after, she realized that she was on the wrong path. So, she sought out a mentor.

-Since then, Kim has been on a personal development journey.

-She learned that sometimes as humans we have to go through those challenges, to live it and to learn from it. Because of this understanding, Kim dropped any guilt or shame and instead, developed empathy for others.

-Always know that we have a true self, an authentic us.

“I really think that self-awareness is huge, is the key.” – Kim Somers Egelsee

-Kim’s transformation made her a better coach, wife and mother.

-Ask yourself “What has the challenge and transformation done for you?”

“I’m very big on vulnerability and authenticity. That’s what confidence is all about is getting rid of what people think in a negative way.” -Kim Somers

3 Tips:

1. Keep checking in with yourself.
–Use Post-It Notes
–Make a list
–It’s a great self-awareness tool

2. Accept and acknowledge your gifts
–Look at your personal strengths.
–This will give you external and internal validation
–Write down 20-50 things that you’re good at and love about yourself.

3. Make space for greatness.
–Take inventory of what is not great and what is great.
–Eliminate that which lessens you.

Bonus: Ask 5 people for feedback about who you are. Have them describe using 4-6 words or insights.

“There’s no reason to ever be anyone other than whose in your heart, who you really are.” – Kim Somers Egelsee

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Kim’s website:

Kim Somers Egelsee and Kyle Wilson’s Confidence Course:

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